Exams Insight (Privacy Policy)

The statement below outlines Exams Insight’s Privacy Policy concerning the personal data we gather when you access our website https://examsinsight.co.uk/ . We utilize this information to enhance the quality and content of our web pages and to tailor the content and layout to our audience’s preferences. Rest assured, we never sell, rent, or distribute any information we obtain in this manner (excluding anonymized aggregate data) to third parties just because our first goal is protecting your privacy.

Data Exam Insight Gather While You Explore Our Website:

Standard data, such as your IP address, browser type, operating system, and visit time, are automatically gathered by our web server. We occasionally use cookies to alter the content of webpages according to your IP address, browser type, and other anonymous data.

Use of Optional Information

When at Exam Insight obtaining a prospectus or brochure, for instance, you may be prompted to enter your name, email address, or other personal information on some Web pages. This information is never shared, rented, or used for any other reason by us. However, we solely use the demographic data you give us for internal market research. We only use the information you provide us—including your email address—to reply to emails you send us with information requests, problem reports, or comments about our services. We never share this information.

About Cookies

Text files known as cookies help our server recognise your machine. Cookies merely identify the computer being used; they do not identify the specific user. This is something that many websites do each time a user visits to track visitor traffic. Cookies keep track of the parts of the website that the concerned computer has visited and how long it stayed there. Users can configure their computers never to accept cookies, to receive notifications when a cookie is delivered, or never to accept cookies at all. The user will not be able to receive certain tailored services if they choose the last choice.

Upcoming Developments of Exam Insight

We occasionally utilise your information for brand-new, unforeseen purposes not previously mentioned in our privacy statement. We will update this page with any policy changes we make in the future about our information practices. You must periodically visit this page if concerned about how your information is utilised. We only use the information gathered after the policy modification for any newly implemented objectives.

Robust Security

To guard against the loss, exploitation, or alteration of the information we gather from you, we have put in place the necessary security measures.

Connections Disclaimer

Our website links to websites of other organisations and local, state, and federal government authorities to give visitors specialised information. An endorsement of the views expressed on that website, its policies, its products, services, accessibility, or its content does not result from a link. You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of any other website you link to from this one, including any maintained by the State, including but not limited to its privacy policy.

Disclosures Prohibited

In accordance with this article, the commissioner may only use the information they obtain from employers or employees for their knowledge and use in carrying out their obligations. Notwithstanding any other legal provisions, it shall not be made available to the public or utilised in any court in connection with any action or procedure occurring therein unless the commissioner is a party to such action or process. The parties impacted may, at the commissioner’s discretion, be provided access to such information in connection with placing them, provided that it is relevant to the formulation and evaluation of a claim for benefits.

Will Future Changes Affect Our Privacy Policy?

To better serve you, we update and improve our website frequently. Our policies are consequently constantly changing. We update our Privacy Policy and FAQs in line with introducing new technology and services. For our most recent guidelines and procedures, we invite you to check this website regularly.