Exam Insight Terms and Conditions

You accept all terms and conditions, including the refund policy, fair play policy, and privacy policy, by using our service or website. Unquestionably, Exam Insight offers flexible terms and conditions. With the assurance of receiving the highest grades, you can take advantage of our most practical and secure writing method.

We Consent to Act as Your Agent

You and The Academic Papers UK agree when you place a purchase at https://examsinsight.co.uk/ . It is crucial that you carefully read our terms and conditions. Additionally, you should be aware that by using our website to place a purchase, you accept our terms and conditions.
  • The Company serves as the intermediary that the Customer designates to have a subject-matter expert finish their request.
  • The Company must fulfil the order within the allotted time and meet all conditions specified by the Customer in the order form.
  • If an appropriate expert is unavailable, the Company has the right to reject any request; in this scenario, the Company will reimburse the Customer for whatever money they paid for the purchase.
  • If the client isn’t happy, the Company will take the appropriate steps, which are outlined in this agreement below.

The Order Process

  • Customers ordering from Exam Insight must accurately enter all requested information, including their phone number, address, and email address. Should the original details be submitted, the contract will be cancelled, ending the order.
  • The Company must fulfil the order within the allotted time and meet all conditions specified by the Customer in the order form.
  • When making the purchase, the client must attach any references or documents that will assist the writer in better comprehending the issue and provide a brief description of the paper’s requirements. Additionally, if the client has library access, they can supply the library access information so the writer can obtain any materials needed to finish the work; however, providing library access is not required. The client is free to withhold their library access credentials from us. In this instance, the writer will obtain all course-related information directly from the source.
  • Although we encourage full payment, clients can pay in two instalments. Customers can discuss this with our customer service agents and make the appropriate payment. We require two instalments of charge from our clients. The first instalment is due immediately at the time of order, and the second instalment is expected after the first draft of the paper is received.
  • Later, you will be prompted to consent to our privacy statement. You permit us to use your order for quality control purposes by accepting. To provide other clients with a sample of their writer’s work, we use a brief abstract from your paper—no more than one page. The excerpt from your order copy is protected and cannot be duplicated or shared.

Order Payment Terms

  • On our website, a customer may place an unlimited amount of orders. There is no cost associated with placing an order. For every order, a free quotation will be given by our sales staff.
  • Three variables determine an order’s price: (a) The assignment’s topic, (b) Its due date, (c) its word count, (d) the number of pages, (e) (if the word count is not stated,)
  • A customer can place as many orders as they want on our website. Ordering has no financial expense attached to it. Our sales staff will provide a free quotation for each purchase.
  • Once the first half payment has been received and accepted by the https://examsinsight.co.uk/ financial department, only then will our tutors start working on your assignment or providing any consultation.
  • Only after the whole money has been received and accepted by the financial department, https://examsinsight.co.uk/, will the complete answer be provided.
  • We are obligated to deliver only part of the purchase before the specified date because we are legally permitted to utilise the time restriction to the fullest. Although we might grant our request for an early delivery of your item, please be aware that this will be at our sole discretion and might result in extra fees.
  • We assume no liability for any incomplete or delayed instructions or details sent with the order or for instructions changed after it has been placed. Recall that we are not responsible for any delays in order delivery if you fail to make payment. Therefore, it is best to pay the total amount when submitting your first order.

Verification Procedure

We employ Bluesnap, a third-party payment processor. Occasionally, the Customer’s order and payment are rejected by their anti-fraud system because the IP address or location is deemed suspicious.

Terms of Order Delivery

  • We guarantee that the task will be completed in the allotted time. If this is not possible, we will either contact or email you to let you know of a revised projected delivery date and time, or in the worst-case scenario, we will return your money through our Refund Policy.
  • Every task will be completed electronically in soft copies. Hard copies are not something we offer.
  • You are advised that the information and services we offer may contain typographical errors or technical flaws.
  • You understand and agree that any email sent to you or any download you make from our website is subject to delivery risk because the Internet is an open medium.

Tools Provider

Compiling and editing

  • Depending on the complexity of the requirements and the specialists’ availability, the processing time for proofreading and editing can take up to 48 hours.
  • Assignments are proofread following the guidelines and marking rubrics using a proofreading and editing service. Just formatting, grammatical checking, and referencing are done during editing.
  • When providing proofreading and editing services, our writer will identify and forward the sections that must be completed or correctly written according to the specifications. Depending on the amount of work involved, there may be additional fees if you want us to finish it.
  • Together with the assignment work that has been edited and proofread, we will also provide a Turnitin plagiarism check report.