Top Marketing Research Paper Topics & Ideas

What Exactly Marketing Research Topics Are?

The simplest way to define marketing is that marketing works as captivating storytelling material that a business utilises to target the audience and promote and sell its products. However, marketing is not just about selling or promoting products; the exact purpose of marketing is to connect with the consumers who are interested in your brand. Telling your customers why your products or services are essential for the customers and what benefits they can receive from your firm is what marketing is. 

Now, if we talk about marketing topics, these topics are related to the services or products a firm sells. Marketing research topics will show you how to make your brand more effective and viral among consumers. Plus, these topics also define what unique ways an organization can use to scale up their sales. 

The Role Of Marketing Research Topics

Marketing research paper topics come in numerous forms and different kinds of varieties. Marketing research papers have a significant impact on digital marketing and its consumers. A compelling marketing research paper topic can be helpful for modern-day marketing techniques and strategies. Marketing research topics can be of various types such as promoting products in television, movies or social media platforms. 

No matter the research paper topic, it should be formed in a systematic and organized structure; only then will it be able to provide accuracy and visible results. 

Topics And Their Aims For Marketing Dissertations In 2024

Topic 1: 

Product packaging’s impact on organizational sales: A case study of the UK retail industry

Objective of the Research Aim: 

Product packaging has become increasingly important in customer purchasing decisions as a result of increased competition in the UK retail industry. This study will look at how product packaging (colour, form, and other qualities) influences consumer buying behaviour, which in turn affects the organisation’s sales.

Topic 2: 

The Influence of Electronic Marketing on Consumer Purchasing Behaviour:  

The case of the British prestige sector

Objective of the Research Aim

The primary aim of this study is to examine the influence that electronic marketing has on the purchasing decisions of consumers. The dissertation will be concluded in accordance with the evaluation of various e-marketing channels and their respective performance outcomes. This inquiry will centre on the luxury industry in the United Kingdom.

Topic 3: 

Examining the effectiveness of customer-centric marketing strategies in gaining a competitive edge

Objective of the Research Aim

Companies are developing and executing customer-centric marketing strategies in the current competitive business environment. When formulating these strategies, consideration is given to consumer behaviour, trends, patterns, and preferences. In addition to numerous other customer-centric factors, organisations evaluate achievement as it pertains to their operations. This research will examine the various consumer characteristics that warrant investigation and the ways in which devising strategies pertaining to these attributes can assist the organisation in attaining a competitive edge and generating profits.

Topic 4: 

The impact of information technology in transforming marketers’ attitudes towards misleading advertising

Objective of the Research Aim : 

The digital media or digital world has provided marketers with a very effective and wide platform for marketing and advertising their products. This platform, however, can be utilised to deceive clients through deceptive marketing practices. The study’s major goal is to examine the influence of information technology in revolutionising marketers’ approach to manipulative marketing. In addition, the study will discuss how marketers exploit digital media platforms to deceive customers, thereby harming the company’s reputation.

Topic 5: 

Measuring the effect that integrated marketing communication has on the impulsive purchasing behaviour of consumers.

Objective of the Research Aim: 

Rash consumer buying has emerged as an important issue in the globalised culture of the twenty-first century. Business enterprises have acquired substantial portions of the market by exploiting the impetuous buying tendencies of consumers. Consequently, the objective of this research endeavour is to examine the influence of integrated marketing communication on the impulsive buying behaviour of consumers.

Topic 6: 

The Effects of Digital Marketing on Organisations Worldwide

Objective Of The Research Aim:

Digital marketing has revolutionised the modern marketing landscape. An increasing number of businesses are adopting this innovative strategy to obtain a competitive advantage over conventional marketing methods. This study will investigate the effects of various digital marketing channels on organisations and the ways in which each channel can increase revenue.

Topic 7: 

Ten years of traditional versus digital marketing: A comparative analysis

Objective Of The Research Aim: 

As digital marketing becomes more prevalent in the contemporary global marketplace, an increasing number of businesses are forsaking conventional marketing methods. 

Comparing conventional and digital marketing strategies, this study will provide data spanning the previous decade. On the basis of this information, a definitive analysis will be performed to ascertain which form of marketing is currently more effective.

Topic 8:

How does the examination of consumer reactions to automated interactions in the services sector affect the organisation?

Objective Of The Research Aim:

At this time, a significant number of businesses have fully automated their operations. They have implemented standardised responses for customer inquiries. The primary objective of this study is to evaluate the effects of automated responses on customers, specifically in relation to lead generation and conversion, and the subsequent implications for the overall performance of the business.

The Impact Marketing Research Topics In A Student's Life

Students studying worldwide in different kinds of institutes are always required to work on assignments including marketing research topics. However, most students feel stuck in these assignments and need proper knowledge to complete them before the deadline. 

Suppose you are one of those students facing multiple issues related to their marketing research topics or need to learn how to write them. In that case, this brief guide below will assist you in writing and forming a top-notch marketing research topic. 

How Can You Structure A Marketing Research Paper

As we know, marketing is a subject that comes with numerous challenges and complexities. In addition, there are multiple ways to overcome the difficulties of this subject. 

What you mostly learn in marketing is how a growing firm uses effective techniques and strategies to promote its products and target specific audiences that will take a keen interest in its brand. 

Whenever a student is asked to structure a marketing research paper, several topics pop up in their mind, such as the organisation’s marketing techniques, marketing concerns, or any other marketing field topics that require research. 

The Steps To Start Working On A Marketing Research Paper

The very first stage.

To begin with, your marketing research paper is to find a catchy and attractive topic to research. When you find a good and sight-catching topic, you will only be interested in writing an excellent marketing research paper. However, always ensure the research scope in the case you are working on. 

In the second step, form an outline structure of your research on the specific topic you are willing to write on. With the aid of that outline, the system starts writing your marketing research paper, using crucial components such as the introduction, body, and conclusion. 

The Third step is to ensure that while writing your marketing research paper, you are providing the exact details related to your topic. In addition, providing examples, references and accurate information can enrich your blogs.

There Are Different Branches Of Marketing Topics

Before selecting any topic for marketing research, you should take a peek at the main branches of marketing topics : 

  • Strategic marketing : 

This marketing is used for a long-term view. Topics covered in strategic marketing are competitive positioning, segmentation of marketing, and forming a compelling selling proposition. 

  • Consumer behaviour : 

This branch of marketing mainly targets the attention of the consumer. It focuses on the psychology of the customer’s choice, buying the product, etc. 

  • Content Marketing : 

Content marketing is a great technique to spread awareness of your brand among consumers and increase sales. Creating great content through storytelling to highlight your products or services can play an influential role in your business’s growth.

  • Social Media Marketing : 

Various social media platforms are genuinely remarkable for promoting your brand most efficiently. You can use other techniques on different social media platforms to pull customers to your store. You can target specific audiences, utilise user-generated content, and much more is there you can use to promote your brand on social media platforms.

  • Digital Marketing : 

This branch of marketing research mainly covers all digital marketing strategies. In addition, digital marketing comes in various forms, such as search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing campaigns, and social media platforms for brand promotion. In this modern world, digital marketing your services contributes to reach a higher level of company growth. 

Here Are Some Marketing Research Topics & Ideas

So, we have gathered some unique marketing research topics and ideas for you. Plus, if you are a student and are looking for some particular issues to work on, here is a list of them : 

  • Capturing Gen Z with the help of social media platforms 
  • Hurdles and Opportunities of influencer marketing 
  • Boundaries in an ethical manner in digital advertising 
  • Rise of voice search: influence on SEO 
  • Beyond a fad, what is sustainable marketing?
  • In foreign marketing, cultural variations must be navigated.
  • Personalisation and AI in digital marketing.
  • Consumer behaviour differs between online and offline shopping.
  • The influence of viral marketing on brand awareness.
  • Neuromarketing is the study of the consumer’s thinking.
  • The importance of augmented reality and virtual reality in improving the consumer experience.
  • In the age of social movements, branding is becoming increasingly important.
  • Content marketing effectiveness in B2B sectors.
  • Manipulation or true connection in emotional marketing?
  • Data-driven marketing raises privacy concerns. 

Marketing Research Topics For MBA Students

There is no doubt that marketing is a vast field with various exciting research topics to work on. These topics can vary from market research to branding, advertising, analysis and global market trends. 

Below is a brief description of marketing research topics for MBA students

  • Branding Project Topics : 

The field of branding comes with a wide range of career opportunities. Any student willing to choose branding as their career, will be a fantastic experience; you will be able to work on various marketing research 

topics in this field. Some of the branding is given below : 

  • Coca-Cola Brand Positioning Strategies
  • A Comprehensive Examination of Changing Consumer Behaviour in a Business
  • Consumer Behaviour at Different Stages of a Product’s Lifecycle
  • A Comparison of Consumer Perceptions of International and Local Brands
  • A Study on the Effects of Product Packaging on Consumers
  • A Comprehensive Examination of the Effects of Various Brand Promotion Strategies on Product Sales
  • B2B Marketing Trends of Late


  • Advertising Project Topics : 

Advertising marketing benefits students with a creative mindset and know how to pitch customers to buy their products or avail of their services. Making a career in the field of marketing not only lets you think outside the box but also increases your analytical thinking power. Students who have chosen advertising as their career will also learn about the insights of marketing through working on multiple research paper topics. 


  • An Examination of the Ethical Codes Involved in Advertising
  • A Study of the Different Advertising Appeals
  • A Case Study of Reliance Communication, Their Advertising Strategies, and Campaign Effectiveness
  • A Comprehensive Examination of Advertising Strategies and Sales Promotions
  • The Evolution of Women’s Portrayal in Indian Advertisements
  • Create an advertisement campaign for any brand of your choice.’

  • Market Research Project Topics

Market research entails investigating changing consumer behaviours and emerging economic trends to identify areas for improvement to improve corporate performance. It provides a fantastic job because most businesses constantly strive to improve their marketing models. Here are a few ideas for project subjects that may help you obtain relevant information about the field:

  • A Comprehensive Examination of Changing Trends in 21st Century Customer Purchase Behaviour
  • A Comparison of Various Customer Acquisition Strategies
  • An investigation into the effectiveness of personal selling in acquiring new customers
  • CRM Implementation in Business Organisations: A Case Study
  • A Case Study of Google Pay’s and Payton’s Marketing Strategies
  • Customer Satisfaction in Offline and Online Modes of Purchase
  • A Comprehensive Examination of the Various Strategies That Lead to Brand Loyalty


  • Research Topics For Projects In The Global Market

The twenty-first century is the age of globalisation. Today, every firm is seeking ways to grow its roots internationally and meet the needs of the bigger global market. As a result, an increasing number of businesses are looking to engage individuals who can do valuable analyses of the worldwide market and uncover viable chances for expansion. Choosing a project in the Global Market is thus an excellent method to learn how to deal with the issues of this market. Here are some ideas for subjects to consider:


  • A Study of H&M’s Expansion Strategies
  • A Comparison of the Logistics Infrastructures of the United Kingdom and Canada
  • Mayo Clinic Marketing Research as a Case Study
  • A Study on Why Large Corporations Fail to Innovate
  • A Case Study of New Balance’s Marketing Operations: Past, Present, and Future
  • An Investigation into How Apple Captured the Indian Mobile Phone Market
  • McDonald’s Case Study: How They Became a Global Household Brand


  • Some Random Market Research Topic Ideas

There are plenty of other themes besides the ones mentioned above. You must, however, keep one thing in mind. Your project topic is an excellent opportunity to broaden your knowledge and earn relevant experience. As a result, you must ensure that the issue you pick to work on aligns with your interests and objectives. A couple more subjects are listed below for your consideration:

  • A Case Study on Increasing Ikea’s Marketing Share in Delhi NCR
  • A Comprehensive Examination of Zomato’s Customer Retention Policies
  • A Comprehensive Report on the Marketing 4Ps
  • Mascots Can Change the Game for Brands
  • A Case Study of Reebok’s Public Relations Process
  • Real Estate Industry Analysis Research

Why Marketing Research Can Be Beneficial For Entrepreneurs

In this fast-paced world, methods and strategies for making a business organisation successful are reaching a whole new different level. In addition, entrepreneurs looking forward to taking their business to another level of success hire specialists who know modern-day techniques and strategies to work on various marketing research topics. 

However, every business looks forward to selling and promoting its services and products. Organisations are looking forward to expanding their business across the seas. Implementing all these strategies requires a high knowledge of writing marketing research papers on various unique topics. Having marketing research topics and gaining expertise to work on them will spread your brand’s awareness. 

Categories Of Market Research Topics

We have described most of the marketing research topics. Still, to define them more thoroughly, we are dividing the marketing research topics into categories to let you gain knowledge about research topics more efficiently.


List Of Marketing Research Topics By Category 

  • Digital marketing research topics
  • Strategic market research topics
  • Social media marketing research paper topics 
  • Content marketing research paper topics .


Topics For Digital Marketing Research

Digital marketing is using digital channels to promote and sell items or services. As this topic expands, it opens up many new study opportunities. Let’s look at some digital marketing themes to talk about:

  • Artificial intelligence’s role in client segmentation.
  • Is it true that video content increases online engagement?
  • Augmented reality has the potential to improve product visualisation.
  • Recognise customer trust in internet reviews.
  • The effectiveness of mobile apps in terms of customer retention.


Strategic Marketing Research Issues & Topics

Setting goals, agreeing on steps to attain these goals, and mobilising resources to carry out the activities are all part of global brand strategies. It requires in-depth knowledge of industry trends, competitive landscapes, and customer behaviour. Consider the following marketing themes that investigate various problems and challenges in this field:

  • Poor internal communication has an impact on marketing strategy.
  • We are bringing brand identity into line with customer perceptions.
  • The difficulties in developing a global brand strategy.
  • The role of competitive intelligence in company strategy formulation.
  • Customer service harms positively.


Topics For Social Media Marketing Research Papers

It’s challenging to fathom our lives before social media. It has transformed how we communicate and engage with one another. In this regard, numerous marketing study themes exist for students who need to create a social media essay or paper.

  • The growth of TikTok: Understanding its commercial appeal.
  • How does Instagram’s ‘Shop Now’ feature affect consumer behaviour?
  • LinkedIn’s involvement in B2B leads generating.
  • The impact of Twitter’s character limit on communication effectiveness.
  • We are investigating the influence of Facebook’s ‘Reactions’ on brand engagement.

Topics For Content Marketing Research

Material marketing is developing, publishing, and distributing material to a specific audience. It’s all about creating stories, offering helpful information, and developing client relationships. Here are some intriguing content marketing research topics:

  • Evaluating the SEO impact of blog content.
  • What is more engaging: long-form or short-form content?
  • Infographics are a way of breaking down complex information.
  • Podcasts: The next big thing in information distribution?
  • I understand eBooks’ importance in lead generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the most exciting research topics?

Having a list of detailed research ideas is a given, which may lead students to believe that the most challenging phase is over. However, it would help if you had more than just a research topic that is not knowledgeable; you must conduct more research to obtain data and many facts and numbers. 

  • Where can I find research paper topic suggestions?

There are numerous options from which to determine your research paper topic. However, some of your chosen resources may need to be more reputable or helpful in getting ideas. You can use Google Scholar to find more information about a topic and search for related keywords in whichever domain you choose.

  • What characteristics distinguish an excellent marketing research topic?

Finding good research subjects that meet your expectations is one of the most challenging aspects of writing a research paper. However, three fundamental factors must be considered when looking for the best study topics. You should be engaged in your research topic, it should have all of the necessary facts to create a paper, and it should adhere to your teacher’s guidelines. 

  • What exactly are marketing research topics?

Marketing research themes relate to the broad marketing field, including consumer behaviour, digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, product analysis, and campaign-related topics. If you have chosen marketing as your major in MBA, PhD, or any other graduate programme, you must select a topic relevant to your chosen area.