Nursing Dissertation Topics Ideas & Examples

Choosing an appropriate nursing dissertation topic is an extremely important step toward producing an exciting and manageable research study. This post aims to help medicine and nursing students select the most appropriate dissertation title according to their research interests.

It should be noted that the subject of nursing encompasses various areas of knowledge, including but not limited to general nursing, community nursing, public health, environmental health, mental health, clinical management, health organization, and occupational health and safety.

So there is plenty to whet your appetite here. Nursing dissertations can be based on either primary research or secondary research. Primary data nursing dissertations incorporate the collection and analysis of data obtained through questionnaires and surveys. Secondary data nursing dissertations, on the other hand, make use of existing literature to test the research hypothesis.

To help you get started with brainstorming for medicine and nursing topic ideas, we have developed a list of the latest nursing dissertation topics that can be used for writing your dissertation.

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2024 Nursing Dissertation Topics

Topic 1: Investigating the importance of community nursing for the care of Old People suffering from Dementia- A case study of the UK.

Research Aim: This study aims to find the usefulness of nursing practise for the care of people suffering from dementia. This will also focus on how trained nurses are very professional in providing information and support to the people suffering from dementia so that they can prepare themselves to live their life well with dementia. This study will conduct a systematic review of published literature to find the potential roles of nurses in taking care of people living with dementia. Furthermore, it will also look at various characteristics and effectiveness of nurse interventions.

Topic 2: Assessing the role of midwives in providing medical services to pregnant women in low-income countries.

Research Aim: Midwives are health professionals who are specialized in taking care of pregnant women and newborn health. Women living In low-income countries are far less to get midwifery care, and it is very challenging for them to face this situation. The aim of this study is to find the role of midwives in providing medical services to pregnant women in low-income countries. Furthermore, this study will also look at the challenges and factors in getting midwifery care for women faced with low income.


Who should select Criminal Law as their Subject

As we mentioned above, enrolling yourself in criminal law studies can be very challenging and time-consuming. But, have you ever thought about why you should choose this subject and which students it suits the best? Well, we are here to tell you what kind of students may choose a career path in criminal law. 

Most probably, the students who are interested in subjects of crime documentaries and are constantly solving the cases inside their thoughts are likely the ones who choose to enrol themselves in the studies of criminal law

Various Reasons To Select Criminal Law Degree Program

What is the most common reason that will pop up in your mind if you ever select a criminal law degree program? Better career opportunities and a handsome payroll, probably. However, there is much more besides this; there are several more reasons that will let you know the importance of criminal law studies. Let’s talk about other significant reasons you should consider while enrolling in criminal law. 

Reason # 1: Law Is Captivating 

This is one of the primary reasons why you should choose the studies of criminal law because students who are studying law find themselves living a life of discipline with sharp brains; in addition, as a criminal lawyer, you will examine multiple cases with different back stories and various clues, which will one not only increase your thinking power but will also keep you on your feet all day long.  

Reason # 2: Law Tests Your Intellectual Mindset

Students worldwide looking to enrol in tough subjects and accept new challenges daily should consider  criminal law as their first choice. Entering criminal law studies can be challenging but very beneficial because they let you solve puzzles and theories beyond your imagination. It will result in making your problem-solving tactics more advanced. 

Reason # 3: It Gives You The Knowledge To Understand Justice

It is a very catchy and compelling reason for students who are aware of new worldly situations, the rise of injustice that has been going on for decades, and the system that fails to provide justice. If you feel the same way, it is your chance to motivate yourself and help people get justice with your expertise in the law. Students studying crime can have a significant impact on society and the system of law. 

Reason # 4: Law Study Promises A Secure Career Path

Unlike most insecure professions, the career path of law will always offer reliable and secure jobs. The jobs in the law field are beneficial for setting up a better future and retiring with a hefty bank balance . In addition, law students never need to beg around for jobs because there are infinite firms that offer both permanent and temporary contracts for lawyers. 

For Example, in the United States, the job ratio for lawyers is relatively high on job outlook, and there are still chances of a 6% increase by 2028. 

Reason # 5: Expertise In Law Will Help In Personal Life Too

As we all know of a widely famous quote, “Knowledge Is Power.” Well, the same goes for the knowledge of law studies. The study of law will not only benefit you in your professional workspace, but will let you seek solutions for your daily issues. 

Additionally, studying law will provide you with an excessive amount of knowledge about the rules and regulations of the laws of modern-day society. Which can prevent you from getting involved in scams.

The Formation Of Criminal Law Dissertation Topics 2024

Around 2100-2500, the Sumerian people wrote the first set of criminal laws, now known as Iraqis. In early Europe, the first document highlighting criminal law came out after 1066, when William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, invaded England. By the arrival of the 18th century, European law became quite popular and began addressing the concept of presenting criminals in the courtroom and putting them on trial.

 The British government set up a system by the name of common law. However, the purpose of common law was to establish and update the rules of the group that governs the citizens (both civil and criminal matters). 

Common law works with the formation, continual revision, and scaling-up of laws by judges. During Christopher Columbus’ voyage in 1492, Europe started making colonies in America. Becoming a part of the British colonies and using the common laws in North America until the American Revolution. Which then rejected and made a separate independent nation and a separate United States Constitution. 

This constitution was also known as the “supreme law of the land” and was officially approved in 1789. However, the judiciary followed the British tradition and presented the standard law system. The rules and regulations of the common are still used to this day which defines crime thoroughly. 

The Three Types Of Criminal Cases

The criminal cases brought into the courtroom are of three categories: misdemeanours, felonies, and treason. Let’s briefly look at the description of the three criminal cases. 

  • Misdemeanours : 

These cases are less offensive and can be settled with fines or by giving up the property. Plus, sometimes jail sentences also become a part of the misdemeanour cases but for a single year or less.

  • Felonies : 

Severe crimes are mentioned as felonies, which result in harsh punishments, such as being sent to federal state prison for a year or longer, depending on the offence. In some specific felony cases, which include murder, criminals can receive the death penalty in most of the states (not all). 

Types Of Felony Crimes 

  • Assault cases
  • Drug trade
  • Extortion 
  • Robbery 
  • Kidnapping 
  • Cybercrime
  • Bribery 


  • Treason : 

Treason is known as the act of betrayal or violence against one’s country, especially riots and war crimes. Selling government secrets in any form is a top-level treason crime. 

There Are Multiple Types Of Crimes

In today’s fast-paced developing world, things have become rather easy for us but with this advancement, the crime rate is also increasing. Which is resulting in the law getting stricter day by day. We have been seeing different types of crimes for a decade; most cases are getting resolved, and most of them just get buried under the files. So, today, we will tell you what types of criminal offences there are and what kind of crimes come with them. 

To simplify it, we have divided criminal offences into five categories. 

  • Crime against any individual
  • Offence against property 
  • Initial offences
  • Statutory crimes
  • Financial crimes

Our Service For Writing Best Criminal Law Dissertation Topics 2024

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Conclusion :

We have provided you with a thorough guide on becoming a better criminal lawyer and spreading the light of justice, among others. Don’t hold up if you are willing to use our expert advice for your criminal law dissertation topics. Contact us now.