Sentence Starters For Essays: A Complete Guide

The best phase in your life is your college and school life, but this pretty phase also comes with multiple hurdles and challenges. Structuring essays for your school, educational institutes or other academic writing projects can sometimes be difficult for students. Most students from high schools and other senior-level schools have considered using suitable sentence starters for essays. Many of these students feel trapped in a maze when writing an essay using sentence starters.

But now, it’s time to ease the worries of the students. This blog will let you learn amazing ideas about how to pick good sentence starters for writing an effective essay. We have divided this blog into multiple subcategories to make this guide more comprehensive and understandable. 

The Definition Of Sentence Starters 

Sentence starters in essay writing can be defined as the collection of words or even phrases that we use at the start of a sentence in an essay. A sentence starter clearly indicates what your essay or paragraph is about and what main points it will focus on. Moreover, a sentence starter also explains the type of essay. 

However, the sentence starters are not always meant to be astonishing and catchy. The tone of the sentence starters should be precise, and it should gain the reader’s attention. So, now you know what a sentence starter is, let’s move on to the next part and see what it is about.

The Significance Of A Sentence Starter 

There is no doubt that sentence starters play an important role in writing an essay efficiently. The essay you are working on should clearly explain its purpose and vision to the readers. A sentence starter gains the reader’s attention at the start of an essay and makes the reader stay till the end by telling them about the article’s critical role. 

The collection of good sentence starters comes with the most essential elements of writing an essay. These elements help the writers make the essay even more interesting for the readers and offer clues about what readers can expect next. Essay sentence starters have the right to bring cohesion to long writing pieces, especially in academic essays. 

You can use good sentence starters in an essay to present an amazing transition from one paragraph to another. If you use the essay sentence introduction sentence starters at the start of the paragraph, it mostly enriches the quality of your essay. 

The significance of sentence starters in an essay can never be underestimated; getting help from the best dissertation writing services or essay writing service providers can truly aid students in overcoming the difficulties of structuring an essay. 

The Difference Between Sentence Starters & Transition Words 

In simple terms, transition words are the collection of words or phrases that aid a writer in combining thoughts and ideas between two sentences or paragraphs. It will make things understandably easy. 

Writers can use transition words as sentence starters for essays and vice versa. However, it should be noted that not all transition words can make sense in the category of essay sentence starters.  

Some Useful Transition Words As University Sentence Starters For An Essay 

For students who are willing to make their essay writing more creative and efficient, we have formed a list of some useful transition words: 

  • Alternatively
  • Afterwards
  • Absolutely
  • Along with
  • Apart from
  • At this time
  • Clearly
  • Consequently
  • Despite
  • Definitely
  • Following
  • Firstly
  • Finally
  • In effect of
  • In contrast
  • Moreover
  • Despite
  • In other words
  • Whereas
  • Previously
  • Whereas

These transition words can easily be used as sentence starters for writing an essay or paragraph. It is also a great way to improve your writing style. 

Until now, we have provided you with details like sentence starters, why it is important to use them in essays, and the difference between transition words and sentence starters in an essay. Now it’s time to enrich your knowledge of writing essays using sentence starters following some useful tips.

Useful Tips On Starting Sentence In An Essay 

Structuring an essay is not only about presenting and expressing your ideas in words. There is a lot more that you can do. When writing an essay related to your academics, stay careful when using words in your essay. 

However, the introduction is the most complex part of writing an essay. So, below, we have assembled some important and effective tips for students to structure essays properly, avoiding major mistakes. 

  • Create a rough draft of your ideas and how you will use them in writing. 
  • Select a catchy title for your essay. 
  • Form a list of good essay sentence starters. Make sure to go through the requirements of the essay to follow the guidelines properly. 
  • Arrange your points in a logical order. 
  • Align the sentences together; they should make sense of each other in the paragraph.
  • Think of a strategy to grab the attention of the readers. 
  • The introduction part of the essay should define what exactly you will be writing in your essay and what’s your title about 
  • Never forget to write down the conclusion. 
  • You can use the examples of the essay as a reference; previously used examples can be mentioned too. 

How To Search For Good Sentence Starters For Essay 

The introduction paragraph matters a lot in an essay because it is the part that makes the readers stay and go through your whole essay, and it can also bore the readers with just one unattractive sentence. Maintaining the quality of your introduction paragraph will enhance the quality of the other paragraphs of your essay. 

Moreover, to make your introduction paragraph attractive, you should create a catchy hook paragraph to excite readers so they keep reading your essay with interest. This is where good sentence starters can help you. 

Here’s a way you can follow to pick the right starting sentence for your essay:

  • Your language should be precise and clear 
  • You can do the addition of components of surprise
  • Search for something that can aid you in bringing up the main topic 
  • Never use phrases like “I think” or “it may be”. You can replace these phrases with “believe” or “I am sure that”. 

The Types Of Sentence Starters For Your Essay Topic 

  • This paper aims to
  • Today’s topic covered in the paper includes
  • This write-up focuses on
  • One reason why
  • The first thing to note is

The Ideas Of Sentence Starter To Close Sentences 

Along with focusing and enriching the quality of your introduction paragraph, you should never underestimate the value of the closing sentence in an essay. Using the perfect writing tone to close your sentence in the paragraph is crucial. We have created a list of closing sentences from which you can take ideas while writing a closing paragraph. 

  • In light of what we have discussed
  • Put simply
  • Pieces of evidence and facts suggest that
  • As conclusion
  • To conclude
  • To sum it up
  • Taking everything into account
  • In the final analysis
  • On the whole

Paragraph Hook Starters 

  • Just as… [for an analogy]
  • Do you know that…[for a fact]
  • As per… [for a statistic]              

EssayStarting Sentences For Indicating Orders/List 

  •  Firstly
  • The second
  • Next
  • Lastly

Sentence Starters In Essay For Additional Detailing 

  • In other words
  • For example
  • To elaborate
  • Another way to put it would be
  • In simple words

Starters For Comparison 

If you are looking forward to using sentence starters for your essay for comparison of two or multiple things, here are some fine examples for you: 

  • However
  • The flip side is
  • Whereas
  • Rather than
  • Apart from
  • In contrast to
  • Similarly
  • Compared to
  • On the other hand
  • Even though

Sentence Starters For Essay Effects 

Here are some effective ways to start a sentence in your essay and explain the reason or effect of something: 

  • That’s why
  • In that case
  • Therefore
  • Since
  • This is the scenario
  • So that’s why
  • Because
  • Subsequently 

Essay Sentence Starters For Sharing Information Of The Background

Below is the list of amazing sentence starters for essays if you are writing about background information in excessive detail: 

  • As everyone knows
  • In this age of
  • As mentioned previously

Top-Notch Sentence Starters For Historical Concepts 

Most of the time, sentences do not make sense in an essay without the context present in them. This is why most readers are unaware that historical background is not the common knowledge they are reading about. This is where sentence starters can make it easy for the readers to differentiate by putting up the context, such as: 

  • Traditionally 
  • Historically 
  • Customarily 
  • In the past 
  • Conventionally 
  • Initially 
  • Recently 
  • Until now

Short Steps Of Writing An Essay Effectively 

To write an authentic essay that is attractive to readers or your professors, there are multiple steps that you can follow to make your essay superior. We are going to write down short and simple steps that you should focus on while writing your essay; the steps are as follows: 

  1. Preparation 
  2. Writing
  3. Revision 
  • Preparation: 

This step is the very basic step of starting an essay. It comes with multiple sub-steps: define your essay topic, do thorough research, collect resources, present a thesis, and create the outline of the essay. 

  • Writing:  

It is the second and most important step in writing your essay. The writing procedure comes with various steps: write down the introduction paragraph, structure the main body, divide it into two paragraphs, and never miss out on writing the conclusion. 

  • Revision: 

The revision is the last part of the essay’s writing process; the revision part contains multiple essential methods that you should always keep in mind while revising your essay. The methods are to assess the overall organisation, revise each paragraph, double-check for grammatical mistakes and language issues, and, ultimately, go through the plagiarism checker. 


Now, we are at the point where we have to end this informative blog. I hope you have gathered all the essential details provided about using sentence starters in this blog. Make sure to keep all the methods and tips in mind when writing your essay.