History dissertation topics


The life of a university student is filled with different kinds of academic documents such as assignments, thesis, and much more. All these documents need to be written well so will score high in the final exams. However, the most hard academic task among them is dissertation writing. It requires a lot of time and has a big structure and format. 

When student write their dissertation they face many problems such as: they do not know how to write because of lack of writing skill, or they do not have the idea how to do in-depth research or how to structure their work. Most importantly how to pick up the best and trending topic which will stand out among others and help them to achieve good grades in their final grading time. So, if you’ve landed on this blog, you’re probably looking for trending dissertation topics in history. In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of interesting history dissertation topics and ideas with the help of our experts. So, let’s get started.

What Is History Dissertation?

A history dissertation is a piece of research assignment written by students in the field of history which is the part of their graduate or undergraduate degree. In this student have to deal with historical event, era, or person, and contributes to the existing knowledge in the field. It’s like a long, detailed essay where students present their understanding and interpretations of historical facts and events. Moreover, the best dissertations are often recognized and published.

List of Interesting History Topics for Dissertation 

  1. Persian War: Reason and Outcome
  2. Symbolisation of Giza Pyramids to Ancient Egypt
  3. Explain what Role the UK Played in Maintaining Harmony and Peace?
  4. Development of Modern Europe
  5. Talk about Mesopotamia’s Ancient Legal System.
  6. Discuss the Major Ancient Architectural Marvels
  7. Beliefs, Influence, and Rituals of Mayan Civilization
  8. Myths Attached with Trojan Wars and the Reality of the Historical Event
  9. The Alexandrian Library as an Intellectual Hub and the Decline of Ancient Knowledge

Ancient History Dissertation Topics

Are you looking for best history dissertation? below you can see some best topic for your dissertation

  1. The Distinction Between Classical Antiquity and Ancient History
  2. Ancient Greece’s History of Region and Philosophy
  3. The Key Achievements Of Early Iron Age
  4. The Primary Text Source in Ancient History
  5. The Human-God Myth in Classical Rome and Greece
  6. Science and Technology’s Impact on Ancient Rome
  7. The ancient Egyptian and Babylonian empires’ rise and fall
  8. The Contribution Of Ancient Science Technology
  9. The Comparison in Music in Ancient Greece and Rome
  10. Buddhism and The Period
  11. The Understand of Mahajanapadas
  12. Invasion From Central Asia

History Dissertation Topics for College Students

  1. Comparative Analysis of Feudalism Development
  2. The Dangerous Confrontation: Cuban Missile Crisis
  3. Write a paper on the Ancient Civilization’s Experience with Cultural Identity.
  4. The Life and The Literary Movements
  5. Exploring the Sequence of Historical Academic Writing
  6. The History of Mental Health and Psychology
  7. Thesis on Technological Development and Cold War Rivalry
  8. Research Paper on Women’s Contribution to Science History
  9. Essay on Green Technologies for A Sustainable Future
  10. The Political Aspects of Soft Power

First World War History Dissertation Topics Ideas

The events of the First World War are still important today because they occurred less than a century ago and bring massive harm. There are numerous history dissertation ideas which you can pick for your dissertation

  1. Causes that First World War had: an overview of all sides’ reasoning
  2. Exploring the Impact of Technology on the Outcome of the First World War
  3. USSR’s role in WW I
  4. Examining the Function of Trench warfare and artillery in the First World War
  5. The effects of the First World War on all those who were engaged in it
  6. Investigating the Impact of the First World War on Gender Roles
  7. The three most important choices that determined how the First World War ended
  8. Analysing Propaganda’s Impact in the First World War
  9. British soldiers in World War I: circumstances, drives, and engagements
  10. Fairness of Germany’s post-First World War consequences
  11. Investigating the Leadership of the Central Powers During WWI
  12. Evaluation of most impactful unions concluded during WW I
  13. Assessing the Impact of WWI on Colonialism
  14. Hitler in First World War: Bavarian Army
  15. Examining the Employment of Chemical Weapons in World War I
  16. Germany’s failure in World War One served as foment for her subsequent aggressiveness
  17. Ways in which WW1 could have been avoided
  18. Modern prejudice in the way the media networks portray World War I
  19. Nightingale’s Legacy: The Nurses’ Role in the First World War

Controversial History Dissertation Topics  

  1. Analyse the ancient Mesopotamian civilisation
  2. The background of the ancient Greek Games
  3. Analyse the brutality and battle in ancient times
  4. Discuss the Maya empire in the context of historical civilizations.
  5. What impact has geography had on the development of ancient culture?
  6. The response of the world to the papyrus development
  7. The origins of art and its impact on ancient cultures
  8. The relevance of the Egyptian pyramid

Art History Dissertation Topics

  1. How may contemporary feminism allow for new interpretations of Egyptian art?
  2. Analyse the evolution of the human body in Egyptian architecture and art.
  3. Is it true that there wasn’t much of an evolution in Egyptian art over time?
  4. What effect did Miro have on the movement of surrealism?
  5. Examine current feminism in the context of Egyptian art.
  6. It is appropriate to compare the development of Byzantine and Egyptian art.
  7. Examine the gothic art from a mediaeval perspective
  8. Examine historical Egyptian artwork
  9. The influence of nature on Indian painting

Advanced Dissertation History Examples

Finding an best and unique examples of history dissertations topic will take a significant amount of time. As a result, you can choose any of these subjects for your history dissertation. They’re all easy, straightforward, and great.

  1. the main political causes behind Nazi Germany’s formation.
  2. The Great Depression in Britain was the cause of the damages.
  3. An analysis of the German confederation and inevitability.
  4. The contribution of the Victorian era.
  5. Explore Britain, the age of romanticism.
  6. The major British economy changes in the two World wars.
  7. The British mining historical perspective.
  8. The role of the British Empire in the creation of the economic disparities in its colonies.