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About stated is one of the famous quotations about referencing by Jacque Fresco. One single word describes the referencing. So basically referencing! This is a word that is heard by every university and college student at all academic writing levels. Referencing is crucial and plays a vital role in academic life. When it comes to writing a dissertation then it is necessary to reference it properly. It helps give your academic work a finish but it is also necessary for the purpose of supporting the ideas and arguments so it makes a clear understanding of the level of knowledge.

In today’s blog, we will discuss what is dissertation referencing and how it can be done correctly.

What Is Dissertation Referencing?

Referencing is used in every style of writing for the purpose of providing a list of the materials that have been used during the time of the write-up. In simple words, we can say that dissertation referencing is a page in the long piece write-up where the writer provides detailed references for all the sources and materials that they have used in their writing process. It can do for anything that they have quoted, paraphrased or referred to that was written or stated by someone other than yourself. It is very necessary to add references in the dissertation. It is because it gives the reason that these correct references will tell the audience that you have carefully analyzed and written the literature review and it is relevant to the subject area.

But there are some students who think that why they provide references in dissertations and does it really that important. To know more about the term dissertation referencing, continue to the next section which provides more clarity and in-depth details.

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How Many References Should a Dissertation Have?

The number of references used in a dissertation also depends on the type of dissertation we are working on. When it comes to the literature review of the dissertation then it requires the most references. It needs all the ideas that are cited along with the inclusion of adequate extensions or contradictions to the theories. It all depends on the length of the academic work. Generally, there should be between 8-12 references for every 1,000 words.

Only after later study has verified, strengthened, enlarged, or refuted the hypothesis may more references be necessary. For each issue that is brought up in the academic paper, there should generally be one to three references. There is no set number of references that can be included to your dissertation.

Your degree level, your topic concept, and any restrictions imposed by your academic or university will all be determining considerations. In addition, it depends on the type of research you are doing; for example, if it’s a qualitative study, only a few references rather than many are needed. Below mention is the word limit of the dissertation that shows how many references should be necessary.

  • In the 8000 words dissertation, 63 references are required.
  • In 10000 words dissertation, 72 references are required.
  • In 15000 words dissertation, 95 references are required.

Why Should You Do Referencing In Dissertation?

There are several reasons that show that it is necessary and important to do referencing in a dissertation. Below mentioned are some of the things that can be done by referencing a dissertation. Let’s have a look

1. Avoid Plagiarism

Most of the students think that paraphrasing some sentences and making them it in you own words will eliminate the cite. But this is not true. It is necessary to provide credit to the right source that what you have done. So it is necessary to know how to reference a dissertation and take the references from the right sources.

2. Shows Your Knowledge

Also with the help of the dissertation referencing students can showcase their knowledge. For example, it shows how much amount you have done in reading, writing, watching, and curating the information that has gone into the months of the preparation for referencing a dissertation. In addition, the citing will also show the depth and details of the reading that students have done.

3. Credibility and Authority

When a student do dissertation referencing in the right order then it showcases their own words and thoughts. The entire dissertation is about the argument that you are making to prove the point. So in simple, we can say that the more data you have to back your argument up the better.

4. Academic Integrity

As everyone knows that in universities and colleges, faculty take plagiarism very seriously. Although, there are some cases where it could happen unintentionally. If students are mentioning accurate and reliable references then it depicts the honesty and all the facts and figures that they have tried their best to credit everyone who is involved in providing dissertation help and making their dissertation what it is.
The above stated are the points that show why students should do the referencing in the dissertation. But doing referencing in a dissertation is not enough and complete your work. It is necessary to know how you are referencing a dissertation. It is necessary to correctly reference your dissertation.

How To Correctly Reference a Dissertation?

Once you are done with knowing what is dissertation referencing and why it is necessary. It is important to know how students can correctly reference their dissertation or how they can provide the series of conventions that is used to point the readers towards the sources that they have cited, quoted, or otherwise they have borrowed from in their work. Below mention is the proper way by which students can correct referencing their dissertation and avoid the mistakes that arise during the time of referencing the write-up.
• The author of the work
• The title of the work
• The type of publication (for example dissertation, the whole book, book chapter, journal article, web-page and etc)
• Include the date of the publication of the specific edition of the work.
• Include the details of the publisher and the place of the publication.
• If necessary then include the additional details like mention the volume, issue number and page range. It can enable the reader to find the specific source.
The foremost mentioned is the ways by which you can correctly reference the dissertation. Also if you have any doubt that how to reference a dissertation should have then let’s have a look at the below-mentioned detail.

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6 Different Types Of Referencing Styles

Here we have discussed the six different styles of referencing. Let’s have a look and know what type of referencing is required for your write-up.

1. AAA

The American Anthropological Association (AAA) advises adopting the Chicago author-date style for crediting sources. AAA style has no distinct set of guidelines. This technique is commonly employed in anthropology.

2. APA

The 7th edition of the American Psychological Association’s Publication Manual defines APA Style. It was intended for use in psychology, but it is now extensively employed across many disciplines, particularly in the social sciences.

3. Chicago author-date

One of the two citation styles offered in the Chicago Manual of Style is the author-date style (17th edition). It is mostly utilised in the sciences and social sciences.


The American Political Science Association (APSA) citation format is widely used in the subject of political science.

5. Harvard

In the discipline of economics, the Harvard style is frequently utilized. It is also commonly utilized at UK institutions across disciplines. Harvard style is defined differently by different universities—it is not a style with a single authoritative style guide.

6. MLA

MLA style is the Modern Language Association’s official style, as stated in the MLA Handbook (9th edition). It is commonly utilized in a variety of humanistic subjects. It’s author-page rather than author-date, unlike other parenthetical citation styles.
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