11 Practical Tips For Studying In Chemistry Class

11 Practical Tips For Studying In Chemistry Class

Too often we have heard the phrase that chemistry is too hard for me. I can’t tell how many university students have told me these things that they find chemistry difficult. Many students have the perception that they can’t understand chemistry or their brains can’t grasp this subject. That’s just not true. Some people may be good at grasping the concepts of chemistry or naturally they have more understanding.
Keep reading this to know how to understand the concepts of chemistry in your chemistry class.
Use the 11 study tips for general chemistry listed below. Keep in mind that General Chemistry demands more of your time and effort than the typical college course.

Recognise Electrons

The study of matter is referred to as chemistry. Atoms, molecules, and their interactions are the subject of this study. When we discuss the INTERACTION of atoms and molecules, we are particularly referring to electrons. When learning chemistry, keep the concept of keep electrons in mind. Consider how many electrons there are, what they do, and why. Understanding electrons and how they interact will significantly lessen the amount of work and memorization required during study time, even though there is some memorization required for General Chemistry.

Attend Every Single Class

Attend classes and labs regularly! Many college lecturers assume that you are an adult and never take attendance. Even though it might seem like a no-brainer study suggestion, attend class! Attendance is important because skipping lectures and labs may cause you to fall behind and affect your marks. Never miss a shot unless it is necessary. If you do miss class, notify your lecturer through email. Get other students’ notes. You could even get permitted to attend a lab or lecture given by a different lecturer.

Before The Lecture, Read

In response to the statement that just 10% of students in a general chemistry class earned an A, I would respond that 90% of the students weren’t reading the assigned readings before the lecture. The majority of college students NEVER do this. This is an excellent tip for any class if you want to have an advantage over other pupils. not confined to general chemistry class, do read your assigned reading topics.

Prepare your Notes

Organise your chemistry notes after the class and before the next one. Adding any additional information that is lacking after going through the textbook could be helpful. Examine the notes about the textbook. To make the comments more understandable, you may also include the description or synonym of difficult topics or words from the book or rewrite them in your own words.

Use Practise Tests

You can significantly improve your scores on chemistry exams by taking practice tests. Search online or create your practice examinations if your chemistry professor doesn’t offer any. Making your practice test can occasionally be even more beneficial. You can also take the chemistry online exam and see how your grades go up.

Become A Part Of The Study Group

I can’t even begin to list all the advantages of joining a study group here because there are so many. Joining a study group for your chemistry subject is crucial. It’s a terrific approach to discovering additional study techniques and advice from your peers. Study groups assist you to avoid procrastinating because they meet frequently.
According to research, studying with peers accelerates learning, fills in knowledge gaps and allows you to view topics from the viewpoints of other students. Helping other students in your study group will raise your level of learning to entirely new heights. You start to become an expert in the subject when you start instructing others.

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Study Everyday

I am aware that finding time is difficult. Even eating and sleeping might be difficult at times when you are struggling with any specific subject. But if you don’t schedule study time, you’ll struggle more in your Chemistry class. You do not need to study several hours a day at the end of your course if even ten or fifteen minutes a day can be beneficial. Every day, you should have access to flashcards, notes, working problems, and any other quick way that suits your schedule but make it routine.

Recognise Any Confusing Areas

Take action if any subjects, ideas, or chemical difficulties seem to be puzzling to you. Don’t think twice. Look it up online first. You may learn a lot by watching some fantastic videos on YouTube. Bring it next to your study group. Discuss it with the group to see if your fellow participants can explain it to you or otherwise assist you in understanding. Finally, discuss it with your lecturer. When students visit them during office hours, most professors are delighted to assist.

Exercise Chemistry Problem Solving

The purpose of the Chemistry homework is to provide you with problem-solving skills. This is a compelling argument against ever skipping homework. Doing the homework assignments, though, isn’t always enough.
You should work on extra issues in your study groups in addition to completing all of your homework—I repeat, ALL of it! Actively engage in the study group. Fix issues on the whiteboard. When you run into issues during the week that you struggle with, save them! Put them on paper. Utilise your smartphone to take a photo of it and bring it to your study group and use it with others, save it in some way.

Avoid Studying Chemistry When You're Tired

The concentration of a certain kind is necessary for chemistry. It requires an understanding of many formulae and equations. Generally speaking, you can’t focus when you’re sleepy or exhausted. It happens naturally because your receptors constantly tell your brain that it is time to sleep while you are straining your mind to study. This causes a collision, and the outcomes are thrown off.
Why? because a limit will always exist. For instance, you try to fill a glass more than its capacity that could hold 250 ml all the way, it would spill out! In the same way, if your brain is drowsy or sluggish, hold off on studying because now is the time to take a break, especially if you are studying chemistry.

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Separate Important from Difficult

Chemistry students must understand the difference between crucial ideas and challenging ones. As not every difficult topic is important. Yes, many crucial chemistry ideas and methods are challenging, but not all of them are equally crucial.
Please do not misinterpret this message and begin to disregard any challenges! When you start poring through the book or solving extra problems, just be aware of what themes are crucial. If you’re not sure, ask your professor if something is important if you’re not sure. I’ve observed study groups squander an hour attempting to answer an issue that was exceedingly challenging but unrelated to the material they were learning. It could be a waste of time. Your studying time is valuable. Concentrate on the crucial information rather.


Chemistries require time. To get successful in this subject, you must make time. You will succeed if you invest the effort and time into learning the subject. I appreciate you reading this blog and for your time. Do you have any other study advice that was not mentioned above? What methods do you use to study? Tell us in the comments section below. Also, don’t hesitate to get in touch with ExamsInsight’s chemistry class help and do my online exam services if you have any inquiries.